2022 Class Descriptions

Mountain Grape School via On-Line Zoom Classes 
7:00PM to 8:30PM on Wednesdays 
All classes $20/person

MGS-Z1 Vineyard Design & Layout in the Mountains – Feb 9 (This class will show you how to select the best location on your property for a vineyard. And we will cover the basics of layout of the vineyard with post placements, trellis arrangement, spacing, etc.)

MGS-Z2 Disease Identification & Treatment – Feb 23 (This class with show you how to identify the different types of muscadine grape diseases you may encounter and what to do about it. Also will cover some common disease identifying mistakes caused by other factors.)

MGS-Z3 Sales and Marketing, Grape Sale Contracts – Mar 9 (We will show you the different markets that exist for muscadine grapes and how to develop grape sale contracts with large winemakers or food processors.)

MGS-Z4 Grape-Based Products & Processing – Mar 23 (This class will show you the many different products that can be made from grapes.)

MGS-Z5 Katuah Muscadine Propagation – Apr 6 (In this class we will show you the way to successfully propagate muscadine grapevines in the mountains, which is quite different from the hotter flatlands.)

MGS-Z6 Grafting Grapevines – Apr 20 (This class will show you how to graft grapevines in case you want to change your vineyard block to change the particular sex of a muscadine grapevine.)

MGS-Z7 Making Country Wines at Home – May 4 (In this class you will learn how to make a variety of country wines like flower, vegetable, berry, fruit, root, etc. and the basic equipment you will need to get started.)

Mountain Grape School In-Person Classes 
10AM – 2PM on Saturdays 
All classes $40/person includes catered lunch

MGS-01 Pruning Muscadine Grapevines – Apr 23 (This class will teach you how to properly prune your muscadine grapevines. Pruning is the one task that will determine what kind of yield you will get from your grapevines.)

MGS-02 Planting, Propagation Tips, and Trellis Design – May 7 (In this class you will gain hands on planting experience.)

MGS-03 Training and Mid-Season Canopy Management – May 21 (Learn how to train young vines to get best future growth. Learn how to do mid-season canopy management to encourage correct ripening.)

MGS-04 Harvesting Workshop- Sept 10 (Pick some grapes. Picking muscadine grapes is different from picking regular grapes.)

MGS-05 Muscadine Home Winemaking – Oct 1 (Make a batch of muscadine wine.)

MGS-06 Entertaining With Wine – Oct 15 (Learn how to properly evaluate a bottle of wine in a restaurant or home setting. How to make the best choice of glasses & corkscrews, proper toasting, and more.)

Mountain Living Skills School In-Person Classes 
11AM to 12Noon on Saturdays 
All classes $30/person

MLS-A Wood Stove Cooking & Baking- May 14 (Make you own lunch on a 100 year old stove.)

MLS-B Fire Building- May 28 (Learn how to make fire in many different ways including flint& steel.)

MLS-C Utensil-less Cooking Over an Open Fire – June 11 (No-pot cooking over an open fire.)

MLS-D Knife Throwing – June 25 (Learn the best technique for throwing a knife.)

MLS-E Axe Throwing  – July 9 (Learn the best technique for throwing an axe.)

MLS-F Rope Making – July 23 ( Make some rope on our rope-making machine,)

MLS-G Knot Tying  – Aug 6 (Learn the 6 best knots to tie for all occasions.)

MLS-H Rope Splicing – Aug 20 (Learn how to make a Back Splice, Eye Splice, and splice a broken rope back together.)

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