Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard & Walapini Nursery

Jewel of the Blue Ridge VIneyard is located on a 26 acre property on top of the mountain at 2100′ near Marshall NC, about 30 miles west of Asheville NC. The mountain views are spectacular.

We specialize in propagating and growing eco-friendly, native, cold-hardy Katuah Muscadineā„¢ & Katuah Scuppernong grapes (see our registered Katuah Muscadine voucher 2014 here) and cold-hardy Scuppernong grapes bred here in our vineyard (see our registered Katuah Scuppernong voucher 2019 here) using natural & biodynamic methods.

These special grapes make a great steep slope, cold-hardy crop that can be grown naturally, organically, or biodynamically from which important phytochemicals can be derived for the Neutraceutical industry as well as other traditional grape products. Our small vineyard is slowly expanding as a teaching vineyard and offers visitors to our mountains a heritage experience with grapes.

So far our limited Muscadine grape production has been used to make Jeannie’s Muscadine Grape-Hull Preserves which we sell through local grocery stores. We also have a number of farm produced products for sale like free-range chicken eggs & Scottish Highland beef.

Some of our Mountain views

Mountain Views to the East from JBRV in Spring
Living in the clouds early mornings in Summer
Red skies at night is a sailor’s delight – means good weather coming – Fall
Snow capped Blue Ridge Mountains in Winter
And, Yes, we do have snow in the winter here!